Servicing Oil Boilers

It is essential to have your oil boiler serviced annually – at least. Larger capacity oil boilers are often serviced every 6 months, especially the older ones.

Unfortunately, oil boilers produce a certain amount of oily soot. When they’re running correctly this isn’t an issue and an annual servicing of oil boilers is enough to keep it running smoothly. However, When something starts to wear or come out of balance, the levels of soot can build and quite quickly will block the whole flue system. At the very least, this will lead to it requiring a “Deep Clean” and in severe cases, we have had to change the flue and even the boiler.

The annual service of your oil boiler will also keep the efficiency of the boiler at its peak. It could be as high as 99% efficient at its best but can be as low as 70% when it’s running badly or when it’s a very old, non-condensing type.

It’s worth keeping your eye on the oil levels in the tank as running out of oil will more than swallow up any savings you may have made by shopping around and waiting for the best price. It’s more than likely that after its run out of oil, that you’ll need an engineer visit to get it going again.

A Summer “out of season” service is a good idea to ensure that your boiler is ready for the winter. It also pays dividends to turn the whole heating system on once a month for a short while to keep the heating components from seizing up.

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